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Why don’t I have nice bras and undies?


Oh yeh I’m too fat and poor.



“We prefer to do things comfortably. But I don’t want comfort… I want poetry. I want danger. I want freedom. I want goodness. I want sin.”

—   Aldous Huxley (via makeithurtplease)

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Fairy Tale Fantasies

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The sun outside is belting down

and I feel a little guilty for letting this day slip past, given the shitty summer we just had.

But I am quite happy playing dressups in front of the mirror and undressing myself with my eyes.

Self Love Saturday


To my dear sister Rosa Parks,

I am just not so sure African Americans should be able to sit at the front of the bus. They’ve never sat there before, why should they sit there now?

Sure over time buses, bus drivers and bus routes have changed over and over again; some buses even have bendy-bits in the middle to let far more people on than normal! But this idea, this radical step, has taken it too far. Our place on the bus is not a “Human Right” and no one should force the Union of Bus Drivers to let us sit willy-nilly all over the place. What’s next, sitting on the roof? God forbid if one of us even think about driving the bus!

What are we, African Americans, even complaining about? No matter where you sit you’ll still get where you want. You still get off at all the same places white people do. It’s exactly the same in every way, just a little bit different.

So enough with the protesting, enough with the complaining, enough with the petitions. There are far bigger problems we should be dealing with: African Americans are still persecuted all over the world, murdered or wrongfully imprisoned because of the colour of their skin. So why can’t these latté-sipping, bleeding heart lefties think about that before they go whinging about where they plant their bums. The wheels on the bus go round and round - and we should be happy that we’re allowed on it at all.

Love from your brother,

—   Tony Abbott denying his sister the right to celebrate her love for her same sex partner makes as about as much sense as Rosa Parks’ brother thinking African Americans shouldn’t sit at the front of the bus. I hope that her bravery in coming out will help lead to some change, or at the very least make Tony Abbott squirm.  (via macleanbrendan)

(Studio Biederer, c1935)


(Studio Biederer, c1935)

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zomgyes.i also need superted back in my life.
I wish I could write a loveletter to the programmers of ABC Kids circa ‘92-‘98

Some morning light on my fat self. Hey.
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Epic quantities of beauty.


Some morning light on my fat self. Hey.

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Epic quantities of beauty.